Got Balls?

Written and produced by Dean Hall

Dean Hall — guitars
Boyd Lefan — bass
Noah Hungate — drums and percussion
Dennis Wage — B-3 and piano
Boyd Lefan — recording engineer
Dean Hall — mix engineer

Got Balls? is a song I originally wrote for a vampire movie, but it never saw the light of day, if you’ll pardon the pun. Writing and recording the music and score for the film was labor of love. Writing a piece against a scene can take the scene’s emotional impact to a whole other dimension. Too much fun.

We recorded the entire soundtrack and score at my house on Pro Tools. Boyd Lefan was the recording engineer and bass player. He also recorded all the ADR and foley (that was another exercise in fun and folly).

On this track, I’m on guitar, Boyd’s on bass, Dennis Wage on keys, and Noah Hungate played drums and all the percussion.

The title makes no sense without the scene, but it really doesn’t matter. Who doesn’t wanna yell “got balls?” in the middle a song at a quiet jazz club?

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