New Song and Survey


Hi Everyone,

I hope all is well. It’s a beautiful sunny day here in middle Tennessee—perfect for an afternoon walk.

I’m in the process of working on my website, and I was wondering if you would you mind taking a short survey? I’d love to get some feedback. Here’s the link:

There are just 10 short questions and will only take about a minute or so.

I don’t have any hard cash or gold bullion to send you for your trouble, but I’ve included a new song entitled Long Way Home. I’ve played it several times live over the years, but I just got around to recording it. It’s quite the contrast to the sunny photo above.

Feel free to comment.

Thanks in advance for taking the survey!


4 Responses to "New Song and Survey"
  1. Miss those Tuesday nights from soo long ago. I have yet to find a quaint, yet packed place with your style, enthusiasm for music! Have always hoped that you would find another place with a designated night!

  2. Love your tunes Dean….. need a new album, played your first two to death, even cover a couple of when playing out….

  3. Cannot get enough of Mr. Halls Music, when can we expect a visit to the Pensacola area of the Flora Bama ??????? Miss you man