MTSU Student Union Building

Opening Day!

It’s opening day!

That’s what my baseball metaphor disposed philosophy professor would always MTSU Student Union Buildingsay. For the rest of us students, it’s MTSU’s first day of fall semester. It feels like fall too—a much-welcomed 75 degrees. I’m ready to hit this semester out of the park—bring it on home—as they say.

Part of my studies this semester includes the history of American popular music. It’s one of the required classes to complete my music business degree, and one of the first classes incoming freshman are required take, per the new curriculum. That particular class wasn’t offered back in the early 80s when I started college at MTSU. That was way back in the 20th century. As I thumbed through the text this morning, I noticed that I’d worked with several of MTSU Early Photothe artists featured. If anyone asks, I’m going with “experienced” rather than “old.”

What a wonderful, crazy, and unpredictable world we live in. That makes us the lucky ones. Play ball!