Pre-tour Prep

MTSU-dumbellsPre-Tour Prep

My undergrad days are setting like a golden sun peeking through a leafy green edifice of future term papers. MTSU’s fall semester starts next week, and I’m just as excited as a freshman dreaming of a parking spot near campus. Oh yeah, I can already feel the rush.

Summertime Daze

Yesterday’s trek to the university rec center revealed that the lazy days of summer school vibe was officially over. Campus was bustling with students moving in dorms, buying books, and scoping out the various buildings and classroom locations. I often walk past MTSU’s sport complex where football players are getting ready for the fall season. I remember those days too well—like it was yesterday.

Get Ready!

With only two classes this fall, it’s the perfect time to prepare for my 2017 tour. Actually, I already started this summer. I’ve been hitting the gym every day since summer school started. One thing’s for sure: those weights won’t lift themselves. My grad class reading included the book Philosophy of Walking, so I started walking five to six miles a day. Now that’s turned into running. It feels great getting back into shape again.

Work! Work! Work!

One way to get into shape is to run these babies. I stumbled upon these steps during one of my walks. Pictured are the stairs to MTSU’s Murphy Center. I tell you folks, it’s harder than it MTSU-stepslooks. Like AC/DC noted: it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll. Long way, indeed. Thank goodness it’s only been around 100 degrees all summer.

Between the protein shakes, salmon salads, and lemon water, I still find time to kick back a bit. After a few hours in the hot sun, one of these adult beverages from The Boulevard tastes pretty dang good.

Socratic Moment

If a well-examined life is worth living, then it’s worth an inspirational toast.