Dean Hall's Philosophy Degree Diploma

Grades Are Posted!

This has been a busy year.

In 2015, I earned a B. S. degree in Philosophy from Middle Tennessee State University, as a first-generation college graduate.

This year I decided to finish my Music Business degree from MTSU’s College of Media and Entertainment. I’ve been working on that degree since the 20th century, taking classes on and off between road gigs. It’s my nemesis–my white whale. If it weren’t for dropping out of so many semesters back in those days to go on the road (they count that against you), I would have graduated summa cum laude in Philosophy. Such is the lure of the electric guitar. No regrets, though.

Senior-Honor-AwardThey did hand me a Senior Honor Award last year.

Along with taking some master’s level classes this summer, I made the Dean’s List at the College of Media and Entertainment for the spring semester. I got straight A’s in music business law, fiction writing, songwriting, and a production project. I consider myself a life-long learner, and one of my Philosophy professors refers to me as a “gradual” student.

This semester’s production project was a blast, studying with my old friend and former head of the College of Media and Entertainment (formerly RIM), Chris Haseleu. I’m posting the 3-song project here. Check it out. There’s even a bluegrass song on there entitled White Lines of Lonesome. 


My third CD is still in the mix, but I’m going to finish my second degree this fall before I get back out playing live again. You can check out the songs from Hallowed Ground here.

Check out the new tracks below.